2005 Ford Taurus AC

My taurus has been having a strange leak/condensate/unidentified water on the right passenger footwell adjacent to the right front door. It occurs after the AC is on and coincides with a strange watery noise from the right side of the car. The watery noise only occurs while driving above 35 mph on any cool setting except Max AC. We recently had the car in for a strange belt noise, at which time they replaced the CAM sensor. The car is still under warranty, but I was wondering if there were any ideas out there of what it could be.

Sounds like the AC drain tube is clogged and the water that condenses on the evaporator is dripping onto the floor instead of onto the road.

Is this easy to do? Any instructions?


Also, would this cause the noise, or is that a separate issue?

Yes, if you refer to the “watery noise.”

The drain tube is on the firewall, low on the passenger side. You’d probably have to raise the car to reach it, but if you push a piece of stiff wire through the tube, or blow compressed air through it, you may be able to unclog it.

The watery sound may be related. If there’s water being trapped in the HVAC system you may hear it moving around.

Some people find that string trimmer line works well. If the wire you choose is too robust, you could damage something.