2001 Ford Taurus SES

Recently I have noticed that water is leaking from the engine area while the car is parked. It is not a lot and it is hard to tell exactly where it’s coming from because the car is parked on an incline. I suspect that the evaporator tray is plugged because the car also hs begun to have a musty smell. Am I even close on diagnosing this problem and if I am how do I fix it?

If the water is dripping on the passenger side behind the right front tire under the vehicle, you could be right. Especially with the musty smell.

Under the vehicle at the passenger side firewall. you’ll see a rubber tube pointing at the ground. This is the evaporator drain tube. You can try blowing compressed air up this tube to clear any obstruction. Or take a length of string trimmer line and poke this up the tube to dislodge any obstruction.


It is exactly as you describe. thanks for responding, I willtry to clear it