Computer help -- Viewing att's photo's

This should go to the Web Master, but I can’t find where to send to her/him. Besides, you guys know about everything else in addition to cars.

When a posting here has a photo attached (e.g., the current “What is it?” thread), I can’t get a good enlarged version of the photo. If I download the jpg and try to enlarge it, the result is too pixilated. When the site first changed to this new format, I think I used to get one by clicking on the photo (or something), but it’s been a long time, and I can’t remember.

Any ideas how I can get readable display of photo’s attached to postings? New-ish Dell 560 running Windows 7; Internet Explorer 9

Try right clicking on the photo then “save as” to your desktop. Then use your computers photo software to open it. Might give you a clearer picture.

Try using FF (FireFox) or Chrome as a workaround. See if it happens there too, if yes it is something with your Windows not browser.

good luck

I’m using Firefox and you have to be signed in to Car Talk to get the larger picture. Clicking on it otherwise just lets you see the thumbnail pic.

Sorry for delay; been off-line for a couple of days.

Missileman had it exactly right. When I log in I can get the enlarged pic. (Still can’t answer "What is this part or? :>) )


“Besides, you guys know about everything else in addition to cars.”

Might want to be careful with the sarcasm. :wink:

You said “download”. If you download an image and enlarge it, you will indeed get a degraded version of the image. That’s different from “click on image to enlarge”.

It also depends on how high resolution the uploaded photo is to begin with. If a lower-res photo was uploaded to save on space and upload time, no matter what you do with it, it will always look pixellated when you try to enlarge it. There just isn’t enough detail there to zoom in on.

littlemouse: “Might want to be careful with the sarcasm. ;)”

Gee, I sure did not intend to be sarcastic. The regulars and lurkers on this board really do know about (almost) everything. I’ve been tempted to post here questions about everything from income tax reg’s to home plumbing repairs.

Sorry if I offended, and I do appreciate the help.

Art1966…thanks for the feedback. There could be some regular or lurker who could answer most, if not all of your questions. I have had several different careers in my life because I’m not the type to be “pigeon-holed” in a particular career field. The Air Force loves people like that so I was very successful in my 20+ year career. Ask the question because someone will enjoy reading it or better yet, they may know the answer.