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Compass not displaying right: 2007 Explorer

All of a sudden, the compass is not displaying accurately. The repair guy at the dealership said to try driving the car in circles to reset it, but that just made me dizzy - didn’t correct it.

Anybody know of another trick that might work? Or does this trick work if you drive in more circles than about 6 or 8?

Forget what the repair guy said. Open the owners manual, or insert the owners disc in your computer, (my dads 2012 Caravan came with a disc) it will have the reset procedure in it. If that won’t reset it you most likely will need to have it properly diagnosed as the sensor for it may have gone bad.

Do you have the owners manual on this vehicle? There are probably 3 or 4 pages on setting and/or recalibrating the compass.

Driving (very slowly) in a circle is part of the procedure but there should be more to it than just randomly circling.