Compass malfunction - 2004 PT Cruiser

The compass does not indicate accurate direction. Most of the time it seems to be about 180 degrees opposite of what would be a correct direction. The local dealer didn’t know where the “sensor” was located and generally wasn’t much help. Have any PT owners had/found a fix for this problem?

My answer is for GM compass.The compass must be set to the correct “zone” or the direction will be off.The info was in the Factory Service Manual I never took a look in the owners manual,take a look see if “zone” setting is required and explained in your owners manual.

got the manual?

i believe you have to disconnect the battery, and then reconnect, then go to a parking lot and drive in a circle three revolutions.

actually try the drive in a circle three times first.

i think this resets the compass.

any way. look in the owners manual. there is a specific section on this.

Yup! It is time to consult “the world’s least-read best seller”, the Owner’s Manual.

I can tell you that on a Subaru, you merely follow the directions in the manual, which tells you which button to push for resetting the compass, followed by slowly driving three times in a very large circle–such as in a vacant parking lot. There is no need to disconnect the battery.

The exact procedure on a PT Cruiser may differ slightly, but the correct answer is sitting in the glove compartment, inside the Owner’s Manual.

If the car is heading North, the compass should say North. It doesn’t mean that North is to the back of the car. You don’t read it like a hand held compass.