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2005 Ford Edge - Bond girl needs help

I like maps, don’t use GPS. I know routes to a place six ways to Sunday. In other words, I loved my compass that used to work in my car. I tried to be a Bond girl, but age and weight nixed that, so I am an incurable Map Girl. Problem is right after I bought this car yrs ago, the compass stopped working. I just get an error message telling me it’s not working. I tried to direct it to work again by following the directions on spinning in circles and the usual hocus pocus used to reset the puppy. No go. The times I have had it in the dealer shop for repairs I have asked about it. I got looks of “who cares?” to “Lady, that sounds like computer problems and those repairs involve a lot and cost lots of money”. Tell me there is a simple, finger snap solution. I worked 45 yrs and now retired on disability, so I am cranky to begin with already. I know it sounds silly, but I miss the little bugger, miss the N, W etc…Map Girl.
For the record, no other message appear ever to indicate wacky computer problems, only when tires are off balance, then I get a puter message on display telling me to fix them, when I inflate them properly the warning goes out…proof that the computer is fine, right?
Help me please…I need one less irritant in my life.
Thank you for yrs of great amusement and learning.
Marina from Denver

First of all they might be correct it will be expensive . Now Google is your friend . Amazon has compasses that mount on the dash for a lot less the repair bill would be. There are also replacement mirrors for sale.

Frankly, a portable GPS unit will have features such as direction, speed warning, lane change plus other useful functions.


Less than $10

Have you looked for a compass app for your phone?

I’ve found those don’t work in a car due to all the steel around them.

A dash compass works if it’s installed correctly.

The first thing that has to be done is a base reading.

Take the compass and get a reading away from the vehicle and away from any metal…

That’s the base reading.

Take the compass and place it on the dash and level it.

Start the engine and turn on the blower fan.

Rotate the compass until it points to the base reading and secure it.

That’s it!