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"Zone 9" temperature display, 2003 Ford Explorer

The digital temperature display in my 2003 Ford Explorer recently stopped showing the temperature and instead reads “zone 09”. I have tried to reset the trip meter, which is also on the digital display, but I cannot get the temperature to appear. Has anyone else encounterd this or have any ideas for how to fix this???

Have you consulted the Owner’s Manual?

Yes, the owners manual was my first stop. I did not find any information on the temperature gage, trip meter or odometer (all of which appear on the same digital display).

Does your system also have a compass? If yes, zone 9 may be refering to the magnetic zone your compass is calibrated for,or is waiting to be calibrated for.

It does have a compass - I hadn’t thought of that. Any ideas on how I might calibrate the compass?

This is how the compass is calibrated in my 2000 Blazer. Perhaps the Explorer has a similar procedure.

  1. Find your location onthe zone map. Note your zone number.
  2. Press and hold both the ON/OFF and the US/MET buttons. The display will go off.
  3. After five seconds, VAR CAL will appear on the display. When it does, release both buttons.
  4. Press US/MET until your zone number appears on the display.
  5. Press ON/OFF to enter your zone number. Your variance is now set.

Thank you! I will give this a try tonight

The procedure/instructions will be in your owner’s manual.

Don’t I get any stars for the first correct response?

I suppose it would be interesting to add counts of right, wrong, and undetermined by the poster’s names.

I just gave you five gold stars.
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However, I think that I may have given the first correct response when I told the OP to consult the Owner’s Manual. Clearly, the manual will give instructions on how to calibrate the compass, but the OP did not read the correct section of the manual.

Where are my gold stars?

A interesting idea. Well CT what do you think? We will need a moderator for answers that are maybe correct or correct for a different year?model. And then negative points for totaly wrong answers. Partial credit when you say "your problem MAY be so and so,rather than a definite commitment.

VDC I gave you stars,they appear green to me,what does this mean?

“I gave you stars,they appear green to me,what does this mean?”

It means that they are not ripe yet. In a few days, they will age to a nice mellow gold color.