Jeep compass

my compass drifts off the road, sometimes right ,other times left. I must maintain
pressure on the steering wheel to counter the direction the car wants to go

Is this a new problem? Alignment can be knocked off by potholes. Tires can experience belt separation. Some roads are so heavily crowned it can make the steering feel vague. If this is a new problem you have to go back to something that’s changed. Were the tires rotated? Are your roads full of mega pothole now? You might have worn tie rod ends and/or some other worn out steering and suspension parts.

You need to get the car checked out.

Maybe rack&pinion.

That is typical of too much toe out. Are the inside edges of your front tires showing a lot of wear?

It’s probably something minor like a tie rod end. Just take it to a reputable independent alignment shop. If you take it to a “chainstore” then the entire front end will need to be rebuilt.