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Check the motor mounts.

Do you come to a complete stop before you change into gear from reverse?

You need to have it scanned for any trouble codes. Your local auto parts store should do this for free. Post back with any trouble code/s and we can go from there.


Yes I do

engine light is not on. can i still get trouble code

If it was motor mount, It should happen all the time.

engine light is not on. can i still get trouble code Not always, but it is worth a try. Many auto part stress will do it for free. Remember get the code (Like P1234) not the English translation of it. Then post it back here.

Yep, you can still have codes without the check engine light on. Get it scanned.


Check the trans. fluid condition and level if you have not yet done so. Has it ever been changed?

Yes, you can but not all scanners are created equal. There are codes that won’t turn the light on. Many standard scanners, including those used for free at the auto parts stores, often don’t read those codes. You might need to take it to an actual shop and pay a diagnostic fee to have it scanned. If you do that, find your best local shop that specializes in transmissions and take it there.

Oy. Just have the motor mounts checked (in addition to having it scanned as noted below).

Pretty much nothing about your car’s control systems is working the same way when the car is cold than when its hot. And hot/cold has nothing to do with the air temp being 30 or 60 degrees. It has to do with the engine being up above or below something like 180-200 degrees.

For example, one thing that happens when the car is first started cold is an increased idle speed. An increased idle speed with a worn mount can easily equal a jerk going into drive.

Tranny fluid is changed few months ago.

thanks guys

I think its just the cold. There is no problem