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Check Engine

I have a '98 Camery w/96,050 mi, purchased used in 2000 @/33,000 mi. My intention was to drive it forever.

About 6 mos ago (91,000 mi)the check engine icon started coming on, then going off after a day or two. I took it to the shop but they couldn’t tell me what the problem was. 3 mo ago they advised, “Sensor internal to transmission. Code will return unless trans work done. Advise drive until trans has problem or until light goes on & off continuously.”

The light never goes off but is holding steady. I feel like I’m sitting on a time bomb waiting for hell to break loose. Do I change shops, wait impatiently, trade it in for another car??? Guide me please.

It would help greatly to know what code/s have been set. If its just a sensor on the transmission, it can be changed… I would take it first, to a local auto parts store and have them scan the computer. Post back with the code/s that they pull and we can go from there. Most auto parts stores will scan the computer for free.


Take it to a shop that does ONLY transmissions. There are some out there that will run a scan for free (not many). If your car starts bucking or feels like it wants to shut off, you may want to replace the throttle positioning sensor (TPS).If that is the problem that sensor is not cheap, but most shops will put it in for about $75. A scan will read that its an internal tranny problem.Mine went at @120,000miles, but the mechanic told me its common. I didn’t know if was bad til it started bucking in low hwy speed.

Thanks, Transman. I’ll do as you suggest and get back to you. Diane

Thanks for the reply. So the TIPS isn’t cheap?! Like what are we talking? Bucking, huh? At least I’ll know what to expect. I’ll check in after I take it to a transmission shop. Diane