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Check engine light

I have a 2003 Toyota Camry Solara. Recently, the check engine light came on. It came on a year ago only when it was cold outside. This year it came on in December when it started to get really cold. It went off a few months later when it started to warm up. I was wondering if anyone had any idea to what could make the engine light come on when it gets cold and goes off when it gets warm? Thanks for any input anyone can give me!!

Go to any of the chain auto parts stores like Autozone or Checker and they will read the code causing the light to come on for free. The code will give you some idea as to the cause.

Yep there are a hundred things that it could be. The light means that it has stored a trouble code in the computer indicating where the problem is. Get that read and the diagnosis can proceed from there.

It came on a year ago only when it was cold outside.

You really should not ignore it. CEL’s can be something minor like a loose fuel cap, but it also can be the sign of something serious that may be fixable now cheap, but later very expensive. Find someone who can read the codes (they may be able to read codes even if the light is not still on) and post the results back here. Post the actual code (LIke P0123) not the English translation of the code.

The key thing though is if the CEL turns off it means the error condition has cleared but code is stored. I personally would not worry too much about a CEL unless flashing or if it remains steady over a week or so of driving. Otherwise if intermittent it can be checked when convenient within reason(eg next oil change).