Melt or swim

Why is the right front floor of my car filling up with water when I use the air conditioner in 100* weather? Should I melt or swim?

Neither ! It is most likely a clogged evaporator drain hose. Look under the hood passenger side of the firewall. There may be a rubber tube pointing straight down. If not there look inside the car under the dash on passengers side you may need to pull the carpet back. If you can find this tube you should be able to clear it and where it connects at the evaporator housing with something like a weed-eater string.

Thank you. I have no clue what the firewall is supposed to look like, can you explain it to me like you are talking to someone who has never popped the hood of their car? I’m really not that bad but I appreciate the advice. Also, I am 300 miles away from reaching my 90,000 and taking it in to the dealer for maintenance, should I just go in now or do you think they might take advantage of my lack of knowledge/ignorance?

Thanks again.

The firewall is the wall that separates the engine compartment from the passenger compartment. It is just behind the engine and in front of your knees/feet.

Whether you go in now or later, they’ll take more of your money than necessary. I stay away from dealers as much as possible.

Clearing a drain tube is very easy. If you don’t want to try it, it can be a first step to finding an independent garage to repair your Mitsu in the future. You can talk to friends, neighbors, and work associates to find a good garage. If you can narrow the list down to 3, call them for an estimate to clear the drain. They will want to look at it to make sure that is what is needed, and you should tell them that you understand and that the estimate is only good if it just requires that the one tube be cleared and not replaced, for instance.

Okay, I’ll try and repair it myself. Once I clear the tube is there a exhaust hole I should be connecting it to so that it drains out of the car?

Everyone thinks their mechanic is great. Are there some telltale signs I should look for or questions to ask when I enter a shop?

Thanks, I think I may be able to do this!!