Please help me! 2000 mitsubishi galant giving me problem after problem

Okay so I don’t even know where to begin!
I guess I should start by the big problem that I’ve been having for a while now and just haven’t had the money to get this looked at/fixed until recently. On 24th of this month I got it taken in and got the a/c drain line “unclogged” by goodyear because my car has been leaking water from somewhere into my whole drivers side floorboard for way too long now… I did alot of research and a bunch of people were saying it was something to do with the a/c evaporator drain hose being clogged. So I took it in and they tried blowing it out with the air gun or whatever and said that didn’t really help so they went ahead and did this new thing where they put this foamy stuff up there that gets out any mildew, mold, bacteria or fungus and turns it into liquid so water can escape like it should be. Well they said a bunch of water came out afterward and pretty much that made us all think it was alright and the water wouldn’t continue to fill my drivers side! But yesterday I still noticed water puddling up and here in FL it has been raining alot, yes, but I already determined that it’s not rain water that’s my problem because even before all of the rain it did this, with no rain. When i ran my a/c! I’m taking it back to get it looked at this saturday, but the reason why I explained that is because JUST today my trunk will not open~ no matter what I do! I tried the key first because I do not have a remote to open it, so I went to manually do it… nothing. So I figured okay I’ll try the lever inside. Nope, does not work. Not only that, but my cigarette lighter outlet plug does not work and hasn’t for about a week or so now~ could be something as simple as a fuse which I’m hoping but I just wanted to ask you guys if you think that this could all be related to the water problem? Because a friend of mine said that eventually the water could lead to serious problems that can mess up the electrical things in my car. It’s an old car and has a bunch of miles, but I just spent a whopping amount of money to get a new transmission, has a new battery, couple of new tires and i keep up with the oil changes. There are a few other things wrong with it as well. Not all the time but sometimes it will make a whining/squealing sound when I start it and push on the gas… changes its tune a little as i continue to press the gas. My father said it could have something to do with my water pump. And last but not least if I happen to go through a puddle from all the rain (slowly obviously) my a/c will cut out… and my windows will get all foggy because of the moisture rising in my car along with the cold rain hitting the outside, science people. Anyway my dad said he thinks the belt to the a/c is slipping when wet. I just need some answers and can’t afford to pay someone to tell me what they are and THEN charge me a probably significantly larger amount to fix it! Thank you and god bless you for taking the time to read this.

I suspect the drain hose leaks at the coupling that leads the hose through the firewall into the back of the engine compartment where it is dispelled onto the ground. Removing the hose from that coupling (I don’t know the proper name), cleaning it and re-attaching it would take care of that problem. The hose could have been blown off the connector when compressed air was forced through the drain hose.

Yes, it is possible that water caused a short. Not likely, but it depends where the fuse box is located under the dash. Check all the fuses and make sure they are OK.

The squealing noise could indeed be caused by the belt. Make sure the belt is in good condition and tight.

I have no idea what’s wrong with your trunk.

Try this link for your drain hose problem

Your a/c probably stops working temporarily because your serpentine belt is getting wet when you go through puddles, It would not be unusual in a 17 year old car for someone to have not put the splash shields back after a repair.

I wish you had a good local mechanic rather than dealing with a notional chain for repairs.