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Coincidence or not?!

I have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan that had problems with the steering column and signaling – there was a catch and click in the steering column when I turned left, using my turn signal. So I brought it in to our mechanic, who fixed it. (The receipt notes that it was an electrical problem with the turn signal switch.) But when I got the van back, my power locks no longer worked. I brought the van back, but the mechanic said they did nothing to affect or break the power locks, and said it would cost $500 or so to fix it. There’s no way I have the money. I am wondering though if it is possible that the fuse or some part for the power locks is located near what the mechanic worked on with the steering/signal problem? It might be a coincidence, but I have a nagging suspicion that the mechanic just doesn’t want to pay for something they did. If experts tell me otherwise, then I’ll just accept that it was a coincidence.

The problem that you have here is that coincidences are always a possibility. I normally tend to be a bit skeptical, but you can rarely rule them out completely. However, it certainly is possible that something was done while working on the turn signal switch that affected other electrical stuff - this is always possible.

What, exactly, do they say they are going to do for that $500?

Did you at least check the fuses? Nothing about that requires any real mechanical experience - just the owner’s manual, and you can even get by without that.