2002 Dodge Grand Caravan possessed


My 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan’s most recent problem has baffled 2 garages so far. It is now in a 3rd one that specializes in auto electric issues. When I turn on the left signal it flashes a few times then the RIGHT side starts to flash. When I turn the right signal on you got it the LEFT side flashes! I installed a new multi function switch and NO CHANGE!


Do you have a harness for hauling a trailer? If so, I would check the wiring to it. Also check the flasher unit.


No , no trailer… Auto electric repairman couldn’t do a thing says I need to go to a Chrysler dealership and have the body control module reflashed. He also says they will try to steer me into a BCM replacement which will cost mucho deniro $$$


“He also says they will try to steer me into a BCM replacement which will cost mucho deniro $$$”

Yeah, those Hollywood actors don’t come cheap!



Oh, VDC…you’re back on spelling patrol? You’re lucky you winked. :wink:


I wasn’t sure if the turn signals were controlled by the BCM, apparently they are. That is bad news alright. You might be able to find a used BCM at a salavge yard or get a rebuilt one at a significantly lower price over the dealer cost of a new one. Less than half possibly.

Here is a link to a place you could have yours possibly repaired. You may want to talk to them.



Thanks Cougar, but I took it to a dealership where it will reside for a few days… They thought the wiring was bad from the multi function swith to the BCM ,tore the dash apart then decided it needed a new BCM cost? $826.00 out the door!! I will hang on to the link you provided though ,god knows what will go next!!