Power Door Locks

Thanks everyone for all the good advice given me in the past.
The power door locks on our '05 Dodge Grand Caravan with 160K quit working while vacationing in Houston. After resetting by unhooking the battery for several minutes they worked again for a day, then quit. Not taking chances of more problems I waited until our return to Nebraska and found the accessory fuse to pull. Having done that to reset the locks, they have been working for the last month. Could the humidity in Texas have caused the problem?

It’s possible but it was probably a poor connection/broken wire that was causing the problem. My wife had an Oldsmobile a couple of years ago that had similar problems. She never could get her power windows or door locks to work. When I drove the car they always worked for me. The problem turned out to be broken wires in the wiring bundle of the drivers door near the hinge. She always gently closes the door whereas I like a nice solid thump. I replaced the wiring harness and all was well until she sold the car.

There is a software update to fix a glitch in the body control module. Search “TSB 08-040-04”.