Code Alarm Reset Procedure



The battery died on 99 Odyssey, the alarm may have been in valet mode. The van won’t start unless the button is pressed, the light remains red, and the keypads aren’t working.

I talked with tech support (now Audiovox), they told me how to disconnect the wires so I can start the van w/o pressing the button, but the alarm will no longer work. A recommended shop didn’t know how to handle an older model, and another recommended shop wanted too much $ just to take a look.

Does anyone know of a reset procedure? Any other suggestions are appreciated. Thanx.


From a random code alarm manual, since you didn’t specify which one you have:

  1. Make sure the security system is disarmed and the ignition is off.

  2. Without starting the vehicle, turn the ignition ON, OFF, then ON, at 1/2-second intervals.

    After two (2) seconds, the status indicator will begin flashing for Code Entry. Follow the Code Entry Procedure. If the correct code is entered, the siren will chirp twice, indicating entry into the Transmitter Programming Mode.

  3. Wait 5 seconds. Press the ARM button on the remote transmitter to be programmed. The siren will chirp once, indicating that the system has “learned” that transmitter.

  4. Repeat step 3 for any additional remote transmitters.

  5. Exit the Transmitter Programming Mode by turning the vehicle ignition on, then off. Test all remote transmitters to ensure that they work properly.


oh, and here’s how to enter the code:

This security system utilizes a secret code for adding or deleting remote transmitters, changing system options and disarming the alarm if the remote transmitter fails to operate. The 4 digit code should be written on the front of this manual by your installer If not the code is found on a sticker on the back of the alarm module Below is the procedure for entering the code.

  1. Enter the Code Entry Mode by following the steps in the Adding Remote Transmitters to Your System, Programming Selectable Options or the Emergency Disarm Procedure sections of this manual

    The status indicator will begin flashing for Code Entry

  2. Look at the first number in the code Allow the status indicator to flash the corresponding number of times as the first number in the code

  3. After the status indicator has flashed the corresponding number of times, turn the vehicle ignition off The first number has been entered

  4. Turn the ignition back to the ON position The status indicator will again begin flashing Repeat the procedure in steps 2 and 3 this time using the second number in the code

  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the third and fourth numbers in the code

  6. After the fourth number has been entered correctly the alarm will disarm, or enter the desired programming mode

Note: If you enter an incorrect digit turn the vehicle ignition off then on. When the status indicator begins to flash, re-enter the code from the beginnin

And btw, if you don’t have the code, find it, because without it you’re screwed.


Thanx for your help - I think I’m in trouble. I bought the car used, and none of the documentation for the alarm came with it. The only thing I know about it is that it’s a ‘Code Alarm’ system. Will check on unit under the dash - hoping I can find the code there.
Thanx again.


you won’t find it there. Maybe if you write Code Alarm they’ll help you out, but I doubt it - - after all how do they know you’re not a car thief claiming to have just bought it?

Your best bet is to contact the previous owner and try to get the code. If he doesn’t have it, try to find out who installed it for him - -they might have kept records as well.