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Transmitter reset trouble

Anyone know how ot reset a door lock transmitter once a battery is changed? Mine is not operating now, and I work in a really dicey section of town and need to have the few seconds head start it gives me in the parking lot PLUS the alarm activation option if trouble lurks too close at hand.

Please post the manufacture of your vehicle and if the system is a OEM system.

I can’t imagine a transmitter needing anything like a “reset” after a battery replacement, but if it did, I’m sure the procedure would be contained in the car’s owner’s manual.

Due to the fact that a rolling security code is used by the remotes, sometimes the receiver in the car has to be re-sync’d with the remotes.

well w/o knowing make and model u have its hard to say for sure. u can try pressing the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously until u hear a chirp or the door locks cycle. thats a form of resynchronizing. however if it has lost the programming all together the receiver would have to be placed in the learn mode first. wether or not you can do that w/o a diagnostic tool depends on make and your owners manual.

Such information is contained in the owner’s manual. Every make and model is different. This is not a generic question. When in doubt, go to the dealer and hope for a goodwill gesture.