Alarm Remote

I lost the remote for my car alarm and the alarm is set. The car won’t start with the alarm set. What do I do?

Can I disable the alarm?

Is there a way to start the car with the alarm set? Thanks in advance. Ray.

Is this a factory OEM system?

Most factory OEM security systems have an override procedure that involves turning the ignition key many times (perhaps 10) within a very short space of time in order to start the car when the security system is engaged.

The exact procedure varies from one make of car to another, but the Owner’s Manual should give you these instructions. Do you have an Owner’s Manual? If you don’t have a manual, the dealership should be able to help explain the override procedure to you, but you also need to obtain a manual–for situations just like this.

I would always want to have  a spare remote.  I hope that when you get this straightened out, you will lean that same lesson. 

If it is an OEM system and VDC's suggestion does not take care of it, then you are stuck with the dealer or lock smith.   If it is an after-market system I suggest having it removed as they tend to have problems.

Did you loose your ignition key also? Since you would not be asking this question if the answer was just turning the key you must have some type of starter disable that does not disable its self when it sees a input from the ignition.

Another mystery car that we can only speculate on.

Garages take advantage of people who are this disassociated with what it takes to diagnois their car. Is this wrong?