Code 543 from a "ford OBD 1 code reader"

I have a 1993 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. I could not get my car to start the other day. After about ten tries it finally started and I went on my way to work. I noticed when I got to work that white smoke was coming from underneath my front hood like somthing was burning. I lifted the hood but could not tell exactly where it was coming from but know it from coming from the the passenger side of the engine. I did a code test with a ford OBD 1 code reader. I got this code: 543, fuel pump secondary circuit fault. I am not having anymore trouble with it starting up for now. What do you think is wrong with my car? Is something going bad?

Someone needs to find out what this white smoke is/was. I don’t connect a “code 543” (odd format) with anything yet. I don’t connect a “code 543” with a no start (no crank?) yet. What I do know is things should not be smoking and the end of this smoking doesn’t mean things are OK.

Describe your FORD OBD1 code reader more, does it digitaly display the numbers 543? Have you done a google searcg for “code 543”?

Fuel pump monitor circuit shows no power - Power / Fuel Pump Circuits if it’s a key on engine off test.

(Service 556 code first if present) Fuel pump relay or battery power feed was open - Power / Fuel Pump Circuits if it’s a memory code.