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Mass air flow sensor code in 93 taurus

I have a 93 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. I had trouble starting it today at about 11a.m. It would not start after I parked it to do some shopping. After about 10 minutes I tried again and it started up and so far I have not had anymore trouble with it. I got it home and plugged in my “ford OBD 1 digital code reader.” It gave a code 157 which states: mass air flow sensor fault, low voltage. Does this mean my mass air flow sensor is going bad and I better replace it before it gets to the point where my car will not start at all?

You should just start by cleaning the sensor (get MAF sensor cleaner from an auto parts store), checking its wiring, and cleaning/checking its connector. A multimeter would be handy for checking the wiring.

I doubt the MAF is the cause of this problem and without knowing if this was caused by lack of fuel or spark could be difficult to find the fault seeing as how it was an intermittent.

Wild stabbing for a minute, I’d be leaning towards a crank sensor or possibly the electrical part of the ignition switch.

I’ve got the same engine. Your problem sounds more like no fuel pressure. You may have a faulty constant relay control (box under front plastic cover, near battery) …

When you turn the key to “ON” listen for the fuel pump prime from the gas tank.

There are no codes related to fuel pressure