Smoking Pump

My 1992 Ford Taurus suffered a spectacular water pump failure last week. I just got it home from the shop, and while it ran great, my garage slowly started becoming smoky. White smoke slowly drifting from the engine compartment and exiting from the passenger wheel and from right up at the windshield on the passenger side.

Is this something I should be concerned about? My suspicion is burn off from slashed/leaked coolant when the pump failed or when the mechanic was working on it.

The car was moved outside my garage just in case, because I’m paranoid, but I thought if anyone would know it’d be you great folks.

Oh, and the Magical Oldsmobile is still in the shop. No word on it yet.

You need to start it and see where the smoke is coming from. Are you sure it wasn’t steam?

It was raining tonight, so it is possible it is steam. However, this steam is accompanied by a smell that makes me think smoke. I’ll try to start it and look tomorrow when the lighting is better.

Pop the hood and take a look.
Also, when the engine cools off, check your coolant level in the radiator.

Your car won’t bite you if you take a look, you know.

Sometimes mechanics make mistakes.
If yours made a mistake, you want to know about it BEFORE your engine overheats, and kills a head gasket.


You will smell burning and steaming odors. Nothing to worry about.

In the past, there would have been a crowd of long haired people who would have given opinions about the “quality” of the smoke. They could have told you exactly where in Mexico your anti-freeze was made. They also would have known if you grew it yourself.

So you know, I did try to look at where it was coming from when I saw it, and again today, but I am unable to trace the smoke. It just isn’t visible enough or concentrated enough for my eyes to follow it, regardless of lighting.

I’ll double check the coolant level before it goes anywhere. Thanks.

I’m unable to follow the smoke. It’s just light and sparse for my eyes to track it. I guess I’ll just have to let it go back to the shop.