Code 102 air flow sensor


ever since i replaced my thermostat on my 2000 chevy venture 3.4 the 102 air flow sensor code came up . I made sure that my rubber boot from the air filter is on good the next thing i have a little trouble with is the tube from between the throttle controll and the airflow sensor it goes in the boot ok but it dont go in all the way in the back of the engin i cant get to it to push on it directly , so its just about 3/4 of the way in could this still give me a 102 code still .


You could lubricate the tube with silicon grease, inside, to help get it on. Code P0102 is “Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input”. It could be caused by the intake tube leaking. The Idle Air Control Valve (IAV) is part of the “Mass or Volume Air Flow”. Make sure that it’s electrical connector is fully connected. Sometimes MAFs don’t read correctly because they are dirty. You can get a can of MAF spray cleaner from the auto parts store to clean it.


when you were changing the tstat did you have to disconnect the plug which goes to the MAF sensor?

even if you didnt disconnect it, maybe in the process of nudging, prying and other stuff related to the tstat removal, replacement you knocked the plug loose, or maybe tugged a wire out of the plug socket?

try disconnecting the wire plug to the MAF and inspect the wires, and how they snap into the socket. make sure they are all in at the same amount. you can tell the wires from the crimp on connectors, and how, once they are snapped into the connectors, they all sit in a uniform way. look for a high, or low end. if they are uneven, figure out how to reseat them in the snap detents.

if the wires are good you also look for corrosion inside the female end. you may have to clean the wire spades off to ensure clean contact.

if the wires are correct, then it may be time for a new MAF.,15900151//shopping/partTypeResultSet.htm

you mention the rubber hose. are you SURE it is routed the shortest way between the desired connections? while you had the hose off, did you carefully look all the length of the hose to see if it is worn, crushed, or cracked?