2001 pontiac montana mass air flow sensor

I recently replaced the mass air flow sensor and all was good 5 days later I am getting a code 102 which is MAF sensor circut low imput?? help please im at a loss

The reference is not to the MAF sensor - it is to the MAF circuit - so you need to check the wiring and wiring harness.

thank you I will double check it, is there a way to jump it to eliminate it because the original check I did it at the sensor female end and the harness end. when i replaced the MAF I cleaned it and used dielectric grease for the conections.Could the pin from my volt meter have done something? it isnt like I jammed it in there or anything. second quandry power dorelocks have begun cycling on thier own to the point i could be locked out of my vehicle. I do not see a fuse nor a relay for this?? I checked my battery connections because I noticed that when dissconecting the battery during MAF that it would trigger it???