Engine MAF

My truck threw a code for the MAF and all signs were pointing to that being the problem also eg jerking, hesitation to accelerate. It also died on the road a couple of days ago and can’t get it to turn on for more than 5 seconds without it being unplugged, unplugged it runs fine. So I replaced the part and still same problem

Maybe there is a leak on the output side of the MAF, so some air is going around the MAF. Does the rough running improve at high throttle when the MAF is plugged in?

It drops to a very low rpm right after starting and starts to shutter and die and giving it gas doesn’t work

Maybe there is a wiring problem rather than a problem in the MAF itself. A scan tool will tell you what the measured air flow is. You could compare it to a normal idle for an engine of that size and idle RPM. It would seem that it is measuring less air than is actually going through. MAFs work by heating up a small wire and then measuring the resistance of the wire as it is cooled by air. If there is an electrical problem in the ECU or wiring I suppose that measurement could get messed up. I wouldn’t know where to start unless I had an electrical schematic for the vehicle and test point Voltages or another working vehicle to compare to.

The code is for an abnormal signal from the MAF system. For the DIY it is often cost effective to just replace the sensor and much of the time, that works and costs less than taking it to a pro. When it doesn’t work, google diagnosing the code you got in the form of P followed by 4 numbers. That will let you see if you have the equipment and expertise and knowhow to tackle it yourself or if it is time for a mechanic.

Yea I replaced it and it was a p0101 code and after it was a p0102 code

You may have already read this info, but I’ll link to it anyway below. Did you use an original equipment MAF sensor when you replaced it? I’ve had really bad luck with aftermarket electronics/sensors.

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I can’t speak for the 1500s but some GM cars from what I’ve read had a problem with the MAF wire connector due to GM apparently trying to save a penny by scrimping on wire. The MAF plug was stretched tight due to the wire leads being about an inch shorter than they should be.
A local Camaro/Firebird shop verified they had seen this problem also.

My son’s Camaro had an issue with this years ago which led to some digging on my part and finding others with the same issue.

As mentioned, check for air leaks between the MAF and the throttle body also; not just for intake manifold leaks. A PCV hose that is loose or cracked could be a potential problem.

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