C'mon Already with the Brakes!

I just bought a semi-used vehicle from a reputable nationwide dealer. My vehicle is a 2006 Audi A4 with only 12,000 miles on it and no manufacturer’s warranty left. I did, however, purchase a 5 yr. warranty from the dealer. As it happens, I noticed immediately after driving it under normal circumstances and both with heavy and light pressure, that the front brakes squeaked. I took it back to the dealer to have them fixed. It is only a week later and the problem persists. The dealer told me that they even had to recondition the rotors because they were worn. I guess it’s quite plausible that they either didn’t fix the problem correctly or I bought a lemon, but are Audi’s known for brake problems at all and would I even qualify for repurchase under the Texas Lemon Law if they can’t fix it appropriately?

All brakes by their nature produce vibration in various parts of the braking system. Many of those vibrations hit the hear as high pitched squeals/squeaks. The way this is controlled is through various kinds of anti-squeal hardware (things like spring clips and shims). The anti-squeal stuff doesn’t really affect the operation of the brakes at all - just the noise they make. So your situation seems to present the problem that this “dealer” apparently doesn’t have anyone who knows how to deal with brake squeal. “Reconditioning” the rotors is unlikely to help and if this meant actually turning the rotors then was worse than doing nothing.

I doubt that brake squeal makes anything a “lemon” or is cause for any lemon law to activate.

In all of that I am assuming that “brakes squeaked” means a high pitched squeal. If you mean something else then clarify.

When it comes to brake noise, the cheapest thing to do is start all over. This means installing new brake pads and rotors that meets or exceeds the vehicle manufacturers specifications. Then once these new brake components are installed, follow the recommended break-in procedure for these new brake components.

Doing anything else is a waste of time and money.


The number 1 cause for squeaking brakes is a brass implant that makes them squeak as an indicator of worn brake pads. Squeaking seems to be a greater problem now that parts are outsourced to mexico and china, but may not be a result of worn brake pads as I suspect in your case.
It is then attributed to rust on the rotors, (do you live where they use salt on the streets?) then maybe hard spots on the brake pad, pitting on the rotors etc. I lived with the annoying squeak for about a year after deciding it was a mental issue rather than a safety issue. If you really need to get rid of the squeak for your sanity I would suggest you find a brake shop that will replace pads and rotors with quality parts, or else know the dealer shoots some brakekleen at the noise, or sands the pads, maybe even “resurfaces the rotors” to quiet it down, but probably will not consider it a safety issue where they need the next step.
My thought is imperfections due to poor quality control in the pads or rotors, and ps noise free now! Mine was only a minor squeak when brakes applied from the left front wheel.

Do the brakes make your wheels dusty or black? I have seen people complain about dirty wheels and the dealer/shop replaces them with ceramic pads to reduce the dust. Ceramic pads are prone to squealing, but dust free! I have had no success w/German cars & ceramic pads… I also drive an A4 with Silver dusty black wheels, IT STOPS ON A DIME!
If you have dirty wheels you have the right pads, then glue them to the calipers with RTV ultra gray, helps keep the vibration down. Use OEM pad compound like Mintex or pagid brand.

a semi-used vehicle from a reputable nationwide dealer.

What is “semi-used” and what is a “reputable dealer”?

For lemon law information in your state check out:



You can try putting more brake quiet material on the back of the pads, but sometimes noise is normal, especially in the winter.