Acura TSX Brake Squeaking

My husband and I purchased a 2009 Acura TSX which only had 30 miles on it when we picked it up from the dealership back in May. The brakes on the vehicle have always squeaked, but seem to get louder as time passes. I thought at first they just needed some wear to adjust to the rotor. Since May, we’ve put approximately 10K miles on the vehicle, so that "break-in " period is over. We’ve taken the vehicle to Acura, and haven’t fixed the problem. They told us that even if they replace the pads, its still going to squeak. Acura has claim to have replaced entire braking systems in vehicles and the sqeaking problem is still not resolved. Do you all have any suggestions as to what we can do to get rid of the squeaking brakes on my new car?

It appears that you have been working only with the dealership on this issue.
When a dealership shows consistent inability to resolve a problem, it is time to kick the problem up to the corporate level.

In your Owner’s Manual, you will find contact information for the Customer Service staff (or whatever they call them) at Honda’s Acura division. I have found that the corporate level folks can help when dealerships are unable–or unwilling–to resolve a problem.

I agree, IF they replace the brake pads with THEIR ACURA BRAKE PADS they WILL STILL SQUEEL!
It’s been my experience that brake pads that come as standard equipment on new cars squeek and squeel because they are hard. The factories use very hard pads so that you will get the maximum mileage out of them before they need replaceing. 50k to 75k miles is probably about the range (depending on driver)
This is part of their “low cost for maintanance” advertiseing scheme.
No amount of wearing in or “breaking in time”, will help this problem go away. The only cure is a set of softer brake pads. I know you don’t want to buy new pads for your brand new car, but if you discuss this with your dealer and tell him you would like a “softer” set of pads and you don’t care that they will only last 20k or 25k miles, he might just oblige you. If he won’t and you exhaust all attempts to get the District service representatives to help you also, then you might buy a set from an aftermarket parts house. There are some that are actually advertised as (“low squeel” soft) and (“no squeel” very soft) but they arte going to wear out in half the miles as the hard ones will.

I believe the TSX is a redesign so they likely spec’ed new brake pads. Personally I would wait and see if Acura comes with TSB or alternate pad. Aftermarket pads will likely get rid of this.

A visit to a Acura TSX forum may have some others with the problem and possible solutions.