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Clutch Replacement Instructions

I recently purchased a clutch kit for my '03 Mitsubishi Eclipse from advance auto. Now that I have it, I’d like extremely detailed instructions (pictures would be nice) on how to go about changing out the clutch. Where can i find instructions online?

There’s the autozone online repair manuals, although for doing something as involved as this I’d definitely want an actual hard copy of a service manual, preferably the factory one.

You might also try searching an Eclipse-specific site-- since these cars have a pretty large following, I’m sure there’s a few out there. They might have an illustrated step-by-step posted or an idea of where to get your hands on the factory manual.

I too would definitely not attempt this without a manual at hand.
Besides not being able to flip between pages if using online instructions, imagine being in the middle of the job when your ISP goes down!

Step 1: Find someone who has done it before (try Craigslist)
Step 2: Have him/her show you how.
Step 3: Take him/her out to a nice dinner.


I’m broke. Dinner’s out…

I’ve been broke and understand broke. It encourages you to take risks you’d prefer not to take, like replacing your own clutch without the benefit of a $20 manual. But I strongly urge against this. Conceptually it seem like a simple task but this is a front wheel drive car with a transverse engine, and getting to the step of actually unbolting the transaxle from the engine to access the clutch assembly could turn out to be much more complicated and involve more disassembly than you realize. I’ve never changed a clutch on this car, and I wouldn’t even begin without a manual.

A manual, even a $20 Haynes manual, and a friend who is a car guy should both be at your side when you attempt this for the first time.

You can try the public library. Might be a good place to start even if you plan to do some internet searching as well.

The good news is that clutch replacement isn’t rocket science, but it does involve moving some very heavy things into precise positions while lying on your back underneath said heavy parts. I haven’t replaced a clutch in a modern FWD car. That may be tougher than the good(or not) old days of RWD.

The bad news is that it is fairly easy to put the new clutch plate in backwards – which means that you get to do the job over again.