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Slipping Clutch?

I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS with 150,000 miles on it. Up to this point it has been an extremely tight car with no issues, however, recently the while driving, especially in higher gears, the RPM’s will jump when there is an increased load on the transmission. Is this the clutch? My mechanic said the transmission was slipping and that it would be well over a thousand dollars to fix. Surely that was because the labor was added in, correct?

Is this a manual transmission, or automatic? 150,000 miles on the original clutch on a manual transmission is fairly decent. Yes, you need a new clutch.

It is a manual. That would make sense, as i had the slave cylinder replaced about 6 months ago. The clutch kit should only cost 200-300 dollars, correct? Was my mechanic just trying to make some quick cash off me? If that’s the case, I’ll do the repair myself.

My test for slipping clutch is put car in 4th 5th or 6th gear parking brake on tight and let the clutch out. The engine should stall.

Have you noticed any change in engagement point? any chattering when letting clutch out?

On the cost issue I feel up to $1300.00 is in line, labor included,it is dangerous for me to OK a price as I don’t know all varaibles.

If you could,do some reasearch get prices from a online source and it is very important to determine if your car has a “dual mass” flyeheel. Find out what plan your mechanic has in regards to bringing your flywheel up to standards and if your mechanic has plans to replace any of the hydraulic parts of your clutch system.

The cost is high due to labor. You have to drop out the transmission to get to the clutch. I did three last year, and it is an all day job at the least. Longer if you need the flywheel resurfaced. Front wheel drives are the worst. I haven’t done a 4WD, but can only imagine the extra complexity there.

Old School, I’ve got 82K miles on an '03 Civic EX with manual 5 spd. I’ve been wondering how long to expect the clutch to last. No issues as yet. I’m aware of driving techniques that kill clutches and avoid them, no hill holding in gear, no resting foot on clutch, etc. With about 60% highway miles, and 40% local; can I get 200,000 miles out of a civic clutch? Appreciate your thoughts.

Yes, it’s possible to get 200K miles, or more, on an original clutch. Many people do.

You say the slave cylinder was replaced, it could need to be backed off some. It might not let the clutch completely engage.