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Bmw 318i

how do i replace a clutch on a 1993 318i bmw

I will at first be short,remove the transmission,do you need clarification?

As clutch jobs go, this is not a difficult one. You need to put the car up on ramps in the front and jackstands on the back. A buddy to help would be good, preferably one with strong arms. Plan on spending the whole weekend on your first clutch job.

Since you have to ask how, the first thing you need to buy is a Bentley manual for the e36. You can find it on Amazon. That will give you photos and step by step instructions. You might prefer buying the book called “101 Projects for your e36” from Pelican Parts. It is less expensive and a bit more user-friendly for jobs like this, but it is not a complete service manual.

The BIG question here is - what shape is your dual mass flywheel in? If you need to replace that, a clutch job suddenly jumps from $250 in parts to $1000 in parts. Have you heard any chattering from the clutch? Particularly right after you turn off the key?

I will at first be short. Remove your checkbook from your pocket. Do you need clarification?

If you have to ask this question, it is probably beyond your capability.