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Clutch Replacement Instructions

I recently purchased a clutch kit for my '03 Mitsubishi Eclipse from advance auto. Now that I have it, I’d like extremely detailed instructions (pictures would be nice) on how to go about changing out the clutch. Where can i find instructions online?


looking for something a little more in depth, as in what to look for. I’ve only done this once, and it was an older BMW…

You need a service manual for your car. It will tell you everything you will ever want to know. Try or check the owner’s manual for information about obtaining a service manual.

If you’ve never had a factory service manual, you don’t know what you’re missing.

My town has a large used bookstore chain,I regulary make the rounds. I know, getting sent to the AutoZone site is not so exciting.

I just made a $100.00 order from them based on your recomendations. If it goes bad all I will be out is the $100.00 I will let the Forum know how it goes.

There’s a couple of other things that should be done if you’re not aware of it.
If the clutch kit does not come with a new pilot bearing, purchase one and change that out also. They’re cheap.

The flywheel surface should be inspected and machined if necessary.

This would be a great time to replace the engine rear main seal which is going on 7 years old. One would hate to reassemble all of this and then develop a seal leak the following week.

Thanks for the advice. McParadise- was particularly helpful in figuring out exactly what I was looking for. Thanks