Clutch throw out bearing wearing out on 99 nissan pathfinder



My throw out bearing is beginning to make noise occasionally on cold mornings and after long drives. I take that this indicates its beginning to wear out. Since the car requires a full clutch job to replace the bearing, can I put this repair off? Will there be any side effect of putting this off? Will the bearing eventually fail? What happens when it does? How long might I have figuring the car has 127000 with the original clutch.


You can put it off until it’s so loud that you just can’t stand it anymore. Or you can put it off until it just disintegrates and you don’t have any clutch.


I had that problem with a 1995 nissan pick up. I bought the truck new, two mouths later I had them change it.annoying noise,but 100,00 miles later and it still got noisy when first starting out to drive it.I can’t decide for you ,But it may out last you ride like it did for me.


Using the clutch rather than neutral while idling shortens the life of the t/o bearing.

When the bearing fails, the car will be dificult, if not impossible to drive. With your mileage it might be prudent to get a complete new clutch as soon as convenient.


You can hold off…but if it breaks it could do MORE damage.

My 98 bearing went at 70k miles. I wasn’t happy. Replaced it with Wagner and my next replacement was 240k miles.


What type of “more damage”? If I go in and replace the throw out bearing than the whole clutch assembly is going to be replaced so could their be any damage outside of that?


Worse case I ever saw was the throw-out bearing falling apart at 4k rpms and thrown right through the bell housing. Pieces could also get jammed up and even destroy the shaft.


are you sure it is the throwout bearing and not the pilot bearing?? A noisy pilot bearing will last a long long time.


The noise occurs when changing gears from first to second and sometimes third. It seems to occur when pushing the clutch petal in. It only last for the first 2-3 mins of driving. The noise stops as soon as the clutch pedal is let out. Sometimes it doesn’t occur at all. It seems to occur more often on cold mornings or after the cars been driven for a long highway drive. I had an old 92 pathfinder that did the same thing at just over 100,000miles. I replaced the clutch on that one and solved the noise. That was a while back but I seem to remember something about a worn bearing also (guessing it was the throwout bearing). What does this sound like to you? Pilot bearing? Throwout Bearing?
Thanks for any input you may have.