Clutch and transmission woes

Recently replaced my clutch from the diagnosis that it was the ‘throwout’ bearing. I’d depress the clutch and it would make an incredible metal/metal noise. replaced the clutch - noise ceased…for a while. brought it back in (within 4 months) because it is making a similar noise. The garage told me it is my transmission. This happens particularly between gears 2 & 3, but also happens in reverse. Did I purchase a clutch in vain?

Maybe - does this “garage” actually specialize in transmissions? Granted that manuals are less complicated than automatics, but even so if the dreaded “t” word enters the picture I want a dedicated expert in transmissions to tell me what is going on.

A few questions first.

When you had the clutch replaced, was an entire new kit installed including the pressure plate assembly and the thowout bearing?

Exactly when is the noise happening?
If the noise is only present with the clutch pedal depressed, than the tranny should be entirely disconnected from the engine. Worn out synchros will sometimes make a grating sound under this circumstance.
If the noise is happening at the moment of engagement of the clutch, than I’d be inclined to suggest a problem with the clutch itself, perhaps even with the flywheel face that the clutchplate becomes clamped to.

What’s the year and mileage, by the way?

I doubt that it is the transmission if the noise happens when the clutch is depressed. If the diagnosis was bad throwout bearing, i hope they replaced it. If they did, they got a bad one or have it in there misaligned. But since the garage now says it is the transmission, I doubt they know what they are doing. First options is to take it somewhere else and get a second opinion. Then when the second place says bad throwout bearing, see if you can get the first garage to re-do their work at no cost.