Clutch fork spring?

Ok so I’m replacing the clutch on my 1994 GMC K1500 and I had to replace my clutch fork because it was damaged. After looking through my repair manual it looks like there should be a seat and a spring on top of the clutch fork between it and a nut that connects the clutch fork to the ball stud, but these parts are missing and my local parts stores have no idea where to get them other than maybe a junk yard. Firstly are these common parts that should be available and we’re just not looking under the right names or something? and secondly if they aren’t widely available what can I use to replace them with? I’d think that all the parts for this engine and transmission should be fairly common considering its a GM 350.

Try this:

DrRocket the link you posted shows the ball stud but not the hardware to mount the clutch fork to it. Do you know if it all comes as a kit or if I’m just going to have a hard time finding it?

Call that company. All they do is Chevy trucks. They cater to people who hot rod and restore, and I’m certain they’ll be able to help you. On my Olds convert with a four speed, the fork is actually held onto the ball stud by a clip atached to the fork that slide over the ball, and holds it in place. There is no nut, and I suspect your setup is the same. You said your fork was damaged, and I suspect the clip is gone. Like I said, give them a call.

ok so after looking into it all a bit and calling LMC (thanks DR Rocket) it is just a clip that goes over the end of the ball stud and it looks like theres some kind of little rubber bushing that goes on, am I right in assuming that the bushing goes on the stud after the fork does and then the retaining clip on after that?

yep, I think that’s right.