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Hard to find part

Trying to fix the clutch for a single mom w/toddler. 199 Isuzu Rodeo. Support; clutch fork. Part #: 8-97160-507-0. Vin #: 4S2CK58D6X4312729. Looks like a fat bolt with a round tip. The company is no longer making so hard to find. But, the only part needed for repair of desperate single mom. Help!

I don’t know if you can search for this part in particular as they use a drop down list - but at the very least it is a huge network of salvage yards and you can get a lot of phone numbers.

Call a honda dealer. The Rodeo may have been a twin to one of the Honda models.

Or call a Chevy dealer since Isuzu is owned by GM and they shared a lot of the same parts like engine.

vin? whoa.

The missing digit in the year is important, because if it’s a 91-92 it has a Chevrolet-produced V6 that is also found in the same vintage S10 and Blazer so it should be easy to find parts for. The HOnda dealer tip is also good because Honda sold the “Passport” for many years which was a rebadged Rodeo, so they can get many of the parts.

Otherwise, ask over at There’s one guy in particular on that site who has a seemingly endless hoards of every single nut and bolt on every car Isuzu ever made and will sell them to you cheap!