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Hard to find transmission bolt thingy- 99 Isuzu Rodeo/2.2L/Man

i am looking for a support clutch fork AKA privot clutch fork, AKA clutch fork support for this vehicle. this part looks like a bolt with a ball head on it. it costs about 23 bucks. i have been unable to find it anywhere. can anyone help me locate one? any suggestions?



lets not forget autozone.(yada yada!)




thats just a start .

Tell me you are not MET02 reincarnaited.

No Isuzu stuff in this area at all but you might consider the possibiity of one from a Subaru fitting. Many Subarus used the same type of ball fork support.

I’ve got some scrap Subaru transaxle cases lying around but it would be this weekend before I have a chance to dig them out. (Iced in and 10 degrees now)
If I’ve got one and the size appears to be about right then you could have it for free by emailing a shipping address to me.

Short of that, you likely will never find this part at a parts house. It will be salvage or dealer only (maybe a Subaru dealer?). It would also be possible to turn one out on a metal lathe but this would not be cost effective. (Probably 70-100 bucks).

And I fear oldschool is right about MET02.