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Clutch Master Cylinder in 98 SVT Contour

I need some help, please! The clutch master cylinder for my 1998 Ford SVT Contour went out on me. I’ve got it disconnected and nearly out, minus one bolt. It’s held to it’s bracket by two bolts. The lower of the two is blocked by a stud coming in from the fire wall so I can’t remove it to pull the master cylinder. Has anyone had this issue before and if so, how do I get past it? This car is my DD so I need it back on the road ASAP!

Can you take a photo?
Can you cut the end off of the stud?

It’s tough to understand this one without seeing it. A photo would be a huge help.

Sadly, I forgot to take a photo while I was at the car. I’ve been looking online but can’t find any photos of it either. And if I had a grinder or something similar I could probably cut the end off, but I only have hand tools. I’ll be going back to the car later today as I have to work(thankfully borrowing a family member’s car) so I’ll be able to take a photo then.

To try to describe it: There is a metal bracket that the master cylinder sits it; both bolts go through that bracket. The lower of the two is directly behind the pedal, and about 3/4" to the right of it is that stud. The head of the bolt hits the stud just before I can slide the bolt out, and I really only need about 1/8" clearance to get the bolt past the stud

It sounds as if you need to pull the Mater Cylinder away from the firewall for the stud to clear the MC.

I’ve used a hacksaw blade wrapped in a rag for cutting in tight places.

The master cylinder is mounted to a bracket under the dash and is connected to the clutch pedal.

What I do is take something like a bottle jack handle and use it to slightly bend the stud away from the bolt for clearance. Then once the cylinder is installed I bend the stud back.