1984 Maserati Biturbo

Where can i find a clutch fork and how much is it?

Have a skilled machinist repair your fork or make you a new one…But why??Have you Googled “Used Maserati parts”?

WAIT!! Here is a nice new one, $50


Man, I’m curious - how did you end up with this? How is it to own? I’ve read nothing but nightmare stories about Maser Biturbos…

Wow. I’m stunned. Why would you ask in this forum. Check google and other search and be ready to make a lot of phone calls. If you can have this car and need a clutch rebuild, trust a mechanic. If this is a diy then Hats off to you brother sorry cant help.

I bought it on ebay and it has 94000 and i have had no problems with it so far except now own it since 46000miles

A clutch fork was located in the first reply…Read before you post…