Clunking Noise in Passanger's Side Rear Wheel

A couple of days ago, my 2000 Toyota Camry started to make a clunking noise when ever I drove over bumps in the road (even small bumps). It sounds like something is loose in the suspension (but that’s just conjecture from a layperson!). The big factor is that I have to make a long drive tomorrow evening, and I doubt that I’ll have the time to bring the car in before then. Is this okay, or should I find a way to get it into the shop?

Unless something is loose in the spare tire well, it sounds like something is loose on the car. Since you’re taking a poll, I would say get it checked and find out if you’re safe to make the trip. If you put it that way to your shop, they may be inclined to find a way to fit you in, at least for an assessment.