2012 Chevrolet Traverse clunking

When making a hard left turn, there is a clunking sound coming under the right side of my Traverse. It is also apparent when going over a speed bump. It almost sounds like something is going to fall from under the car. I have taken it to the dealer, and they could not diagnose the problem, as it doesn’t happen consistently. Luckily, I have a warranty (ToyotaCare, because I bought used from a Toyota dealer). I have already had $5,500 worth of covered repairs done on the car (engine mount, A/C) - what could this possibly be? I currently have 76,000 miles on it.

With it making these clunking sounds over a speed bump, I would think that you may have a bad ball joint on the passenger side.


If its more of a click click click click than a clunk, esp if it occurs at low speeds when turning, suspect the cv joint on the passenger side. Good idea to ask your shop to inspect the cv boots for cracks or tears in any event. If it’s really more of a clunk, my first suspect would be a faulty strut or strut mount on the passenger side. This is something that is much more easily diagnosed by someone experienced in auto repair who’s under the car looking at the suspension components. Internet diagnoses, don’t expect much.