2002 Toyota Camry - Clunk

When I stop, and accelerate, and go over bumps (no matter how slow) I hear what sounds like luggage banging around in my trunk. I checked of course, and there’s nothing in there that could be making that sound. It doesn’t sound like metal clanking, but literally like something big just banging around. Doesn’t do it while I’m driving, no shaking, no other obvious issues. What could it be? I’ve googled and googled and I’m not having any luck. Thank you for your help!

My Corolla has two difficult to access recesses in the trunk, on one side that’s where the jack is stored, so double check both places. I’ve had golf balls rattle around there.

I expect however that the problem is with a component of the rear suspension. Don’t know how your car’s is configured, but my Corolla has a strut (springs surrounding a sort of shock absorber) between the chassis and wheel ass’y on each side, control arms between the wheel ass’y and chassis, and a long spring-loaded rod from the left side to the right. A problem w/any one of those could be the cause. Best bet is an experienced shop putting your car on their lift & taking a look see all around. My guess , the problem is where the top of one of the struts meets up with the chassis, common wear area.

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Have someone check if the rear sway bar bushings are worn.



Tester is probably spot on (as usual). I had the clunk problem with my 2004 Camry a few years ago (about 140K miles then), and replacing the rear sway bar bushings fixed it right up.