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I have a clock on my dashboard pre-installed before I purchased my 2004 Hyundai Accent. If I were to remove the battery for any reason (say, to change my battery) would my clock stop? Thank you. abxxx

Why Do You Ask ? It Should Start Back Up When Electricity Is Restored.
What Does " . . . pre-installed before I purchased . . . " Mean ? Who Installed It ?


Just as a clock plugged into your home’s power supply would stop when the power is shut off, the clock on your car’s dashboard will also stop when the battery is disconnected. A car’s clock does not have its own independent power supply, and it relies on the electricity produced by the alternator and the battery.

Of course, you will have to reset the clock after restoring power to it. Some car clocks have a rather intuitive method for resetting, and others have fairly involved procedures. Your Owner’s Manual (presumably also installed before you bought the car) will tell you how to reset the clock.

To CSA: Who installed it? The manufacturer of the car. abxxx

If the clock runs off the car battery, it will stop if the battery is disconnected, and will have to be reset when the new battery is installed.

You will also have to reset the radio buttons after installing a new car battery, and possibly need a security code to make the radio work again. Please check on the necessity of this BEFORE you disconnect the car’s battery for any reason.

Not only will you have to reset the clock, you will have to reset all the presets for the radio stations on your radio