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Car clock

I have a Honda Civic automobile. Assume that I need a new battery and that it takes exactly five minutes from the time the old battery is taken out until the new battery is installed. During that five minute period will my car clock be stopped and have to be reset when the new battery is installed? Thank you. abxxx

Depending on the year, a lot of things may be reset during that time. There are lots of computers in modern cars and they tend to reset when they loose power.

Even if you took only 30 seconds at a minimum the clock and radio presets would need to be re-set.

Some shops use a device that maintains power to the car while the battery is removed and replaced. This eliminates the need to reset the clock, the radio presets, etc. If such a device is not used, yes, you will have to reset the clock and the radio.

Many new cars have problems if the battery is completely disconnected. This is less of an issue with older cars.

How old is your Civic.

Most shops now do what McP described. It costs them 5 cents prevents dissatisfied customers.

For those doing their own work, you can actually buy doohickeys now that can use a 9V transistor radio battery to maintain the settings. It takes very little current and voltage to maintain the settings. I confess that I’ve never used one, but they should work.