Clock radio resets to 12:00 each time truck is started



I have a new battery in my canyon pickup.

since, I replaced the battery my clock resets everytime I start the truck. The radio also, will not play in the accesory position. The radio buttons does not lose their memory. Thank you for any help.


Check the fuses under hood and the dash and make sure that they are good. It is strange that the radio buttons work ok and the clock memory doesn’t.


Not really strange at all. Most station presets are stored in FLASH memory and won’t be lost even if you disconnect the battery for a year. The clock, however, has to have battery power all the time.


Have your new battery load tested. You will find that its voltage is dropping too low while you are starting the truck. It [the new battery] has an internal defect and will have to be replaced. Of course, I am assuming that you are using the correct battery for your truck and not some under sized replacement.


I’ve had this same problem with battery voltage dropping too low when the engine is started and having the clock reset. The cure is a new battery.


The ignition switch might be breaking contact to the radio when the ignition key is turned to the START position. This could be checked with a voltmeter between the ignition switch and the radio, and the key turned to START. If voltage falls off, you’ve found the fault.