How to change the light in the clock in the dash

We have been trying to figure out how to change the light in the clock in the dash.

There are no screws or anything real obvious to remove the surrounding panel.

2004 subaru forrester xs

I haven’t seen a 2004 Forester, but my 2001 Forester has a four digit digital clock in the headliner, centered over the rear-view mirror. Are we talking about the same clock?

If so, the surrounding bezel can be removed by prying it gently with something like a plastic spoon. Take a close look: there will be a spot on the bezel that looks a bit different than the rest of the bezel. Start prying there. Be gentle.

Now, the bad news: If it’s the same clock I’ve got, there’s no separate bulb. You have to replace the whole clock. The module will come out easily when you’ve got the bezel off. One electrical four-pin connector will come right off the back.

Get your new clock, connect the cable, and put it back together. You don’t need any tools to reinstall the bezel, just use your thumbs.

I really appreciate your quick response!! Our clock is not in the headliner, it’s located in the dash, where there is like another little glove box or storage area, above the radio. We wondered if we might need a little prey tool - maybe so.
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