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Hyundai Elantra 2008 lights/door locks/ clock don't work

My car mirror fell off, and there was a cord that when connected to the other cord, it turned on the mirror light. I accidentally touched the cord to a screw (because I am that smart) and then it sparked. Afterwards, my clock didn’t work, my TPMS light was on and the door lights didn’t work. I checked the fuses, and it seemed like they were all fine, but apparently there is an “accessory fuse,” which might be what could fix it, but I can’t find something like that in the fuse box.

Finally, I came to the observation that anything that worked when the car was off is now not working. My door lock, lights and clock, which could turn on without power. My car is a Hyundai Elantra 2008. If anybody has any Ideas, please share, thanks


UPDATE: I FIXED IT!! The fuse that I needed to change was “Room LP”, and this is a 15A fuse if anybody else had this problem. It is on the interior of my car, and this fixed every single one of my problems. Thanks for all the help!

There are two fuse boxes on the car I believe. One under the hood and the other under the dash below the steering wheel. If the fuse isn’t logically identified you may need a test light to find the bad fuse. You might look on the ‘other’ fuse box for ACCESORY, DOME, INTERIOR, COURTESY or VANITY. There are usually extra fuses in the fuse box.

The fuse for the interior/courtesy lights, clock and TPM appears to be labelled MULT B/UP.

I think the fuse you are looking for may be located in the panel under the hood since those fuses are usually powered at all times.

The fuse for the interior/courtesy lights, clock and TPM appears to be labelled MULT B/UP.

I’ll bet an engineer thought that up … lol …

I went on my car and looked for “MULT B/UP”, but all I found was B/UP. I checked to see if that was the fuse that was blown, but it wasn’t. I couldn’t find anything that sounded right and I can’t find my fuse tester, but here are some pictures of my fuse box

Maybe ROOM LPS. You need a tester.

Glad you found the problem fuse. Fuses usually always supply power to more things than are what is labeled in the fuse panel itself. At least the room lighting matched one of the issues you were having.

Michael Romick, thanks for posting your update. My Hyundai Elantra 2008 was having the exact same problem. I changed the Room LP fuse, and the problem was solved! Thanks again.

I will risk taking my well deserved beating by reviving my old joke that engineers should stick to driving trains. lol