Can anybody diagnose this clicking sound coming from my wheel?

Clicking sound here:

2014 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium (110k miles)

  • brakes just cleaned and reinstalled (sound was audible before brake cleaning)
  • audible at low speeds
  • front right wheel only

Any help would be appreciated!

I didn’t listen to you u-tube, but clicking sounds coming from the front wheels at low speeds, very commonly caused by cv joint failure. Is it worse when turning at slow speeds? If so, very likely a failed outer cv joint. Ask your shop to examine the cv boots. If that one is split, gonna have to replace the cv joint in any event. Usually done by replacing the entire half shaft these days.

Did you lube the slider pins when you did the brake job? Also, check the wheel bearing.


I only lubed one when putting it back together. I think I can check both just to make sure, also I will check the wheel bearing thanks!

Hey George,

Turning has no effect on the sound. I’ve only noticed the sound at below 30 mph, that could be because it’s not audible over any ambient noise. I will take note and bring that up if I decide to take it in after trying things that people are recommending! Thanks for the response.

A failed outer CV joint will almost always make less noise going straight than turning, so outer CV less likely. Could still be the inner CV, but symptom isn’t the usual inner CV sound. Suspension system bushings can make a sort of clicking sound so, most noticeable going over bumps. Try pushing down on all the corners – like you are testing the shocks – one at a time when the car is parked, engine off. You could try coasting in N too, see if that has any effect vs in gear. How is the sound affected when can clearly hear it, then you press on the brake pedal lightly?

Sure it’s not a rock or piece of metal stuck in the tread? You could put on the spare to check, if you don’t see anything in the tread.