Clicking sound on right front wheel when the car is in motion only

1987 model with 160k

Had the two tires changed a week ago - all was fine. Then developed this clicking sound when the car is moving forward.

After it first made this noise, it stopped on its own for three days - now hearing again. I looked under and could not see anything. CV boot seems fine and are recent too.

Every 2 yrs I have Sears service my brakes - not sure disc brake is slipped and touching something - never did that before but several years ago, tire shop adjusted saying it slipped.

I checked the lug nuts - they are tight.

Any thoughts what is going on?

CV boot may be Ok and the joint still can click. Clicking is a sign of wear. At 28 years old, anything is possible. If the CV joints were replaced, remans have been known to be bad or not last long.

+1 for @bustedknuckles. Take it back if the cvs are still under warranty.

If it is CV Joint, I am finding new for $60 - labor prob as much or $100. Is it worth fixing - car is otherwise great.

if you have steel wheels with wheel covers, the wheel cover may be clicking.

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Sure. If car integrity is good (that means not rusted all to heck and ready to break in pieces) that is not too much. The brothers used to say something like older cars, if driven much, will need about $1000 a year in maintenance and repairs to keep them going.

But, try to get good CV joints. The reman junk most places try to sell you don’t last long. Just until the check is cashed. [sarcasm]

It is your choice but going to SEARS for automotive work is not something I would tell anyone to do. Maybe years ago but not now.

Avoid new chinese axleshafts

pure garbage


I have a friend (husband of my wife’s cousin) who runs a high tech machine shop in the state capitol of the Mexican state I live in. He says there is a tremendous difference between strength of steels from different nations. He normally prefers US steel, but there is one other nation that makes strong steel, perhaps Switzerland, can’t remember. He makes drive shafts for big plastic machines, and other nations’ steel at times simply twists off like cheese. We are talking 4 inch drive shafts. The stresses are extreme.

I have no personal knowledge in this case, but am betting the Chinese steel is not as strong as US steel.

If the clicking is worse when turning, then probably CV joints. If not, is it possible the new tires are picking up small rocks with their deeper tread?

It turned out that the weight used to balance the alloy rim was rubbing the metal part of the brake not cable (a correction) but hose installed by Sears.

@“VOLVO V70” - so who should I go for brake work? I have been using these guys for 10yrs now - my cars require brake fluid exchange every 2/3 yrs - I pay $35 at Sears. I prob paid $350 for these new brake cables which is aftermarket so they did not screw it in as it was but used plastic ties - now the metal part on the cable is worn as a result of rubbing against the rim weight. I made an appointment with Sears - what should I ask from them - new brake cable? - they might try to put another plastic tie and send me away?

It turned out that the weight used to balance the alloy rim was rubbing the metal part of the brake cable installed by Sears.

On the front?

Yes, right front wheel only

just what is this “brake cable” . . . ?

parking brake cable

Brake hose

Brake line

ABS wheel speed sensor harness

Brake hose

I’m worried about that brake hose. They don’t like being hit or rubbed on. And they should ABSOLUTELY not be close enough to the wheel to be hit by a wheel weight. I encourage you double and triple check that install and the condition of that hose.

“It turned out that the weight used to balance the alloy rim was rubbing the metal part of the brake hose installed by Sears…so who should I go for brake work?”

The ham-handed mechanics at Sears re-installed a brake line in such a way that it was rubbing against the wheel rim, and you are questioning the advice to go elsewhere for your maintenance and repairs?

This experience–where they literally put your life in danger–should prove to you that Sears doesn’t employ competent personnel.

Virtually any independent mechanic would be a far better choice than Sears (or Midas, Meineke, Monro, Pep Boys, AAMCO, and other chain operations).

Sears changed the affected hose. They bolted both hoses instead of their plastic tie - said that they are charging me 0.0. All good now.

This is exactly my problem. My wheel covers have been clicking since I got my tires replaced with new ones.