Cv joint toyota


I have a 94 corolla SW. Front L wheel started making a clicking sound, soon after I got the tires replaced. It’s a constant clicking, just speeds up or slows down depending on how fast you are going. No change around corners. My local shop told me the CV boot was torn and the joint was bad, but there was no time to work on it that day, and I planned to bring it back tomorrow.

Something seemed a little off, so I looked under there when I got home, and both boots looked exactly the same. No tears. Clicking noise has stopped, too. I’m a gal and no mechanic, but I think I know what a cv joint/boot is.

It’s the accordion-shaped boot around the axle – Right? If it was the CV joint making the noise, it makes NO sense that the noise stopped before he worked on it. [Maybe there was just a piece of something in there and they removed it when they inspected it?]

So, should I bring it back in and ask him to show me the tear and broken joint? Or just call him and tell him he’s a nincompoop over the phone? I have no plans to ever let this guy work on my car again (assuming there’s nothing really wrong with the wheel), but I have a bit of curiousity to see what he will say to this.


I would be tempted to bring it someplace else and get another opinion. The fact that it started right after you had the tires replaced sounds like a too coincidental.


Yes, I will have it looked at before I go far away for the weekend. BUT the noise is now completely gone. That’s why I was thinking maybe something got in there (what that could be exactly, I dunno) when they replaced the tires.

I’m a little bummed because this place was very convenient to my work, and now I think I will have to go auto mechanic- shopping again.