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Clicking sound

I have a 06 PT cruiser with about 70k miles.
About a month ago a small click started near the left front tire. I thought it was a pebble and checked the tire to find none. It increases volume and frequency with speed. There’s no vibration or grinding. Breaks are good, and I just had the bearings replaced about 6 months ago.

Any ideas?

Check the CV joints. If the boots are cracked and the grease has escaped they can make a clicking noise, but you usually hear it while turning.

Does this vehicle have hubcaps? If so remove the hubcap and see if the clicking goes away.

Check All The Wheel’s Lug Nuts If You Haven’t Done So. You Don’t Put Many Miles On It And Maybe They Were Left Loose 6 Months Ago When The Bearings Were Replaced.

I’d do that before driving the vehicle again, for safety reasons. You wouldn’t want to lose a wheel.


If you have plastic wheel covers, pull them off and see if the clicking stops. My wife’s 98 Windstar had this problem.

Ed B.

Do you by any chance have friends who might pull a practical joke on you? An old standard is to tie a black zip tie to the axle so that it whacks against the undercarriage as you drive. Because it’s black, it’s hard to see, even if you look under the car. The victim almost never figures it out until someone else finds it for him.

Thanks! I’ll take the plastic wheel covers off…I checked the lugs and undercarriage…great suggestions. Thanks again…